1.       Start your order

To start your laundry press the button “Do laundry”. Then, select the service you prefer and tell us which clothes you need to wash.

If you have a coupon, it is the time to use it! Enter it in the section “Do you have a coupon?” The discount will be applied automatically.

  1.     Address and schedule

After selecting your clothes, choose the address, the day and the time you want us to collect and deliver your clothes. Select the ones that best fit you, within the hours available in the App, from Monday to Sunday. You can also select different collection times and delivery address.

  1.     Comment section and laundry’s summary

Write in the comment section whether there is a particularly difficult stain or any other relevant factor we should know about. The more information we have, the merrier!

Then, we will show you the general summary of your order, for you to verify your address, schedules and all the items you included in your order.

  1.     Make the payment

You are almost ready! You just need to enter your card details to end the purchase process. You can pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

  1.     How do I prepare my laundry?

Too easy! Just have your clothes ready so that when we go to collect them, you can put them in the WASHROCKS bags that our carrier will deliver. If you have ordered different categories (dry cleaning, laundry, skins, etc.), you will have to separate your clothes for each of the categories.

In the case of a carpet, we also make it easy: just roll or fold it. Our carrier will take care of it from here!

  1.     Collection and delivery

Our carrier will come to your collection address with enough WASHROCKS bags to introduce all of your clothes. We will ask you for your Identification Card, as confirmation of who is the person delivering the garments.

We will always send you an email notification to remind you of the collection and delivery times you have indicated


  1.      What do we do?

We take care of cleaning your clothes to make your life easier in Barcelona and Madrid. WASHROCKS offers high quality dry cleaning and laundry and dry cleaning services, with a 24-hour collection and delivery service.

If you want to wash something that does not appear in the App, send us an email at with the description and a photograph of the garment.

  1.     How much do I have to wait?

How cool is it to arrive home and spend your free time doing what you really like? Place an order in just a few clicks through our App. Our carrier will arrive to your door in your preferred time slot. You will only need to be at home at the time you have settled the collection and delivery.

  1.     Contact Us

WASHROCKS has a great commitment to our customers and is very open to receive your suggestions. If you wish so, send us your questions, suggestions and comments to or call us on 654 27 51 62. We promise to respond in the blink of an eye.

  1.    Sign up

It is very easy and fast! You will just need to download our free iPhone or Android App. Then, we just need to know your name, your phone and your e-mail address. Once we have this, you will only need to place your order and we will happily clean your clothes!

  1.    Do you clean leather?

Yes! Just select the leather category and choose the item you want to wash. To know what type of leather it is, you can click on the ℹ︎ symbol︎ and you will see what each product includes. If you have any doubts, send us an email to with a photo of the product and we will advise you.

  1.    Is your laundry and dry cleaning service environmentally friendly?

We have a great respect for the environment and a firm commitment to protect not only your clothing but also the world around us. Our services include environmentally friendly washing methods that reject all hazardous chemicals.

  1.     Where are the dirty clothes going?

We have specialized washing centers in each city. We work with high quality standards in all our processes. We take care of your clothes as if they were ours!

  1.    How should I prepare my dirty clothes for collection?

Is it your first time? Do not worry! We will help you! A member of our team will come to your place with enough WASHROCKS bags to take your laundry. Just make sure you deliver all the clothes you have contracted in your order. If you have ordered different categories, enter those garments in different WASHROCKS bags. We will even give you WASHROCKS bags to make your laundry even more comfortable and quicker in your future orders.

  1.    What do I do if I want an item to be dry-cleaned?

Do you have any garments that need to be dry-cleaned? Great! You just have to place an order from the Dry Cleaner category and tell us what it is. If you have WASHROCKS bags, put the dry cleaning piece in a bag.

  1.  Do I need to separate laundry and dry cleaning?

You would do us a favor if you check the labels of your clothes and you order accordingly. The more information you give us about your clothes, the more appropriate the treatment will be. Remember that when we go to collect your clothes, you must put the clothes of each category in different bags.

  1.    Do I need to separate the white clothes from the color when I order Laundry Bag?

No, you do not need to separate the colored clothes but always taking into account that none of the clothes can damage or dye the rest of the clothes *. Be careful not to introduce Nordic blankets, delicate garments (which may shrink or recommend hand wash on the label). All laundry is cold washed at 30 ° and then switched to the dryer.

* We will not be responsible for any damages they may cause.

** We reserve the right not to wash a garment if we believe it may damage or injure others.

  1.   What is the laundry and dry cleaning treatment?

The laundry service washes the garments in a machine at 30º and uses detergents for hygiene. It is then dried in a dryer and delivered folded and bagged.

The dry cleaning service treats the stains of the garments, these are washed according to the indications of the labeling, to finally be ironed and perched for delivery.

For the carpet services a process of dedusting is applied and then dried or wet washed, according to the characteristics of your carpet.

The leather is hand washed and treated in dry, with smooth ironing.

  1.  What is WASHROCKS ‘home service schedule?

The best! We want to adapt to your needs and, therefore, offer maximum availability: Every day!

From Monday to Sunday from 7 to 23 in 1 hour strips. For example, if you fancy having a distended and carefree weekend, choose the collection on Sunday from 19 a.m. to 8 p.m. and deliver on Monday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.!

  1.  How far in advance can I order a service?

From today to today! You can organize the collection of your laundry with an advance of 2 hours.

  1.  What is the minimum delivery period?

WASHROCKS has your laundry ready in a minimum of 24 hours, always subject to availability. If you are not in a hurry, you have up to 10 days to coordinate delivery. You’ll even have time to make a break.

* For carpet and fur services, delivery is minimum 15 days, to ensure the best treatment and care of these delicate items.

  1.   Lost Password

Have you lost your password? From the same application you have the option to recover the password automatically.

  1.    How do I make the payment?

With total confidence and all the guarantees that we offer you, in a comfortable and safe way through the App, with credit, debit card or Paypal. When your payment is accepted we will send you an email with the details of your order. We like to keep you informed.

  1.   Can I cancel an order?

Of course you can! You can cancel your laundry free of charge up to 24 hours before the time you were contracting the collection. Just write us at and give us your details and the ID you want to cancel. We will refund your money through an integral discount code for your next laundry. If the cancellation is within 24 hours prior to the collection of your order, we will not refund the money in any case.

  1.   Change your pick up or delivery time

You cannot be at the agreed time or you just want to change it because you have an unforeseen event? Do not worry, we understand perfectly. Contact us by phone (654 27 51 62) or and tell us your new collection or delivery time and we will do our best to adapt.

If you notify us more than 6 hours in advance, the change is completely free. If the change is with a period less than 6h or you are not at home at the time you have indicated, you must pay € 3 extra transportation through our Appp.

  1. Payment

When you finish your order we will automatically charge the card associated with your profile. You also have the option of adding additional credit cards, which can be managed from the “settings” section of your App. Unfortunately no cash is accepted.

  1.   Bills

Do you need an invoice? No problem! Write to identifying your billing information and the laundry ID.

  1.   Free Shipping

The shipping costs are free from 45€. WASHROCKS will not require a minimum order. Below 45€ the transport cost is 5.9€.

* WASHROCKS reserves the right to modify transport costs.

  1. Using promotional codes

Promotional codes can be used at any time before ordering your laundry. To use the coupon, start a laundry order and insert the promotional code on the screen. The code will automatically be applied to your laundry and to the total price. No post-shipping code will be recognized.

  1. Prices

We offer a standard price in the market. We also show all our prices in the app, so what you see is what we will charge you.

  1. What if one of my clothes arrives broken or lost?

Contact us at with your ID, your incidence and a photograph of the damaged garment and the purchase ticket of the garment. We will contact you to give you a solution.

If it is a laundry bag order, we do not take care of the garments that have been introduced and may have damaged or damaged the rest of the garments.

* We only accept incident reports up to 72 hours after delivery. Our carrier will ask for the ID of the person who delivers and receives the clothes, and this must ensure that everything is in good condition.

  1. What if one of my clothes arrives in poor condition or the service is not of the expected quality?

We want to take care of you and give you the best possible service! Therefore, if you consider that the service has not been as expected, you can contact us at with your ID and detailing your observations. We will repeat the cleaning of your garment again so that you are really satisfied with our service.

* We only accept incident reports up to 72 hours after delivery.

  1. What happens if the order is wrong?

Calm down, everyone can be wrong! If you deliver us clothing that does not correspond to the order you have made or the kilos are different from the contracted, we will contact you to let you know. You will have to pay the difference and in the meantime, do not worry: your clothes will be safe.

In no case will we refund the money if you have introduced fewer clothes than you have hired.

  1. Watch out for add-ons!

We are careful with your clothes, but we do not take care of easily removable items that are not involved in the washing process. Check your pants pockets well! And deliver all your clothes in WASHROCKS bags.